At KLONDIKE, we understand that reliability, durability, improved engine life and up-time are vital to your success. With an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the lubrication world today our premium quality product range of certified packaged and bulk oils, greases, industrial lubricants and chemicals are designed to optimize performance and provide exceptional value in all automotive and heavy duty industries.

Dedication to Quality Oils, Lubricants and Chemicals

Our customers enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that KLONDIKE’s world-class virgin base oils, greases and specialty fluids are formulated from the finest base stocks from global lubricant suppliers. In addition, KLONDIKE’s API and ILSAC registered lubricants are designed to guarantee OEM acceptance, improve fuel economy, and extend engine life. Our innovative range of virgin base oils which include premium synthetic blends, advanced full synthetic lubricants and high performance European synthetic oils formulated with globally certified technology gives you optimum operating conditions whether you are in the position of driving a vehicle or operating industrial equipment. Additionally, KLONDIKE’s exclusive Arctic Performance Technology delivers outstanding engine and equipment productivity in the most extreme weather conditions.

Full Range of Oils, Greases and Specialty Fluids

Our KLONDIKE oils, lubricants and chemicals cover almost every vehicle and equipment category found in today’s industries. These include our world-class retail product line through to a complete range of bulk industrial oils, greases and specialty fluids. Additionally, KLONDIKE custom designs and blends small batch formulations through to large-scale bulk batch formulations based on the specific requirements of your market.

Premium Service for the Mobile and Stationary Industries

Our team provides consulting and training sessions and programs to ensure products are used correctly and for their intended applications. In educating our distributors and industry partners, we give the competitive advantage of a deeper knowledge and understanding of our oils, lubricants and chemicals. At KLONDIKE, we are dedicated to meeting the delivery needs of our customers through providing marketing materials, technical data and services nationwide. Our offices and distribution facilities are strategically placed across North America to facilitate the time-sensitive delivery of your industry. Our commitment is to provide the satisfaction you deserve and have come to expect.